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Una questione di scala

Started by Administrator, October 02, 2020, 11:25:51 PM

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Una comunita' che fa i suoi primi passi si trova molto presto ad affrontare una "questione di scala", ovvero come rapportarsi con il resto del mondo, in ottica non conservativa. La necessita' di allacciare relazioni con altre comunita', individui, territori diventa sempre piu' stringente. Con gli strumenti che abbiamo a disposizione. Idee, sogni e concretezza.


I'm from Spain, but living in Latin America. I can understand most of
the content of your blog We came form the experience of teh
CIC (Cooperativa Integral Catalana) and Faircoop, that both were failed
projects but interesting experiences, reaching lot of different people
and cooperative initiatives. Now we are some kind of "community fork"
and we became researching about new distributed technologies that can
help us building networks of social economy and autonomy. Technologies
like Blockchain and federated protocols, P2P, etc can be powerful tool
for empowering those kind of spaces. We are trying to approach the
question from a open perspective, trying to conjugate together social
economy, colectivism, with enterpreneurship and finantial sobereignty.
This is our main field for exploring theories and practices around the
blog The "fintech" cooperative focussed in
the technology for positive impact is From this
cooperative we made some developments and designs, all in concept and
experimental phases, and around the new field of "crypto-economy". Far
around this little "avant-garde" initiative, we are participating in
conventional social economy networks and cooperative initiatives. I
think it will be great if you want to introduce your project to our
community, maybe if you want to write something for the  blog or to
participate in any channel. Our focuss is to find the point for
different autonomous economic spaces for relate between each other in a
fair comercial relations, and at the same time to be, in some way,
together for breaking into the conventional market and open a own space
(like a client network, of like a so-called "consortium" in the
business language). Some theories in this direction are the concepto of
"transvestment" and P2P Economy (transvestment , to attract capital
from the external market to a own social space, creating some form of
"protective layer" that allows to grow economically).  Because any
initiative for cooperativism and worker' s autonomy must need finantial
sobereignty and forms of capital investment and being competent in the
market for being resilient and not to disappear sooner or later. Like
use to happend to most of the volunteer "idealist" projects, at least
in our experience in Spain and Catalonia. And well, this is more or
less a genera overview of our project. We got finalists a year ago in a
very important competition for developers:
Very close to reach the financial support that this project of digital
infrastructure needs. Since them we are paused, but keeping the
research and the "community building". Sooner or later we will recover
the impulse and start to experiment some models between our pilot
cooperatives. More in a sense of experimentation, but a very important
stage. I think there are several other spaces moving in the same
direction and with an eye on these kind of technologies, like DisCo' s
and OVN' s and with this crisis and all these rectrictions in civil
rights and liberty, I think distributed networks will be a key factor
in the close future. Keep in contact Best regards!"